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The first meeting is free and without any obligation. This means that you can see firsthand whether we are the right lawyers for you, with a stress-free conversation.

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Clear Communication

After we explain the various legal avenues in accessible and easy language, we will give you the space to decide if and how you will proceed.

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Extremely High Success Rates

We boast a civil litigation success rate that is second to none. Our exceptionally high win rate can be explained by our expertise in the area (our principal solicitor has literally written the textbook).

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Experienced, Passionate Lawyers

Our firm is experienced in all areas of civil law, including false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, unlawful arrest, assault and battery. We will fight to ensure that you are justly compensated.

Civil Law Services

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We provide friendly, highly professional legal advice

O'Brien Solicitors is a full-service criminal law firm. And by full service, we mean full service. Not only do we defend you against criminal charges, we also fight for compensation where you have been the victim of a civil wrong.

A civil wrong occurs whenever the State - usually acting through the police - oversteps its authority to act. This could happen when police arrest you without good reason, or hold you in detention too long, or otherwise breach your rights.

We help you reassert your rights against the State. If you have been the victim of a civil wrong, we help you gain compensation from the State. Come in to our office and see exactly how we can help you - the first meeting is free.


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Principal Solicitor
Peter is the principal at O’Brien Solicitors. He has been passionately defending people for over fifteen years, and has recently written a textbook on the subject.

Deo Indevar

Civil Solicitor
Deo is our civil solicitor – he can help you to claim compensation against the police if you have been mistreated.

Stewart O’Connell


Tahn O’Rourke


Olivia Tolley


Elliot Rowe


Linda Son


Amy Schneider

Paralegal (Civil)


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